FCC Supports Missions! 


           FCC supports several terrific causes through regular support, special giving and, most of all, through                        prayer. Here are a few of our favorites!


West Africa  Brenda Vander Schuur of the Christian Reformed World Mission serves the nationals of West Africa, discipling them in their Christian faith and training them to disciple others. Due to security issues in the region, her precise location is deliberately withheld.  Christian Reformed World Missions


Montoursville, PA  Robert & Terri Harmon serve with I-TEC (International Technical, Electric, and Construction). Robert provides database and technical support to both stateside and overseas I-TEC projects while Terri assists in the office and provides educational support to missionary families. I-TEC


Nairobi, Kenya  Mike & Ana Palmiter serve with the aviation division of Africa Inland Mission. The seek to serve and sustain hundreds of missionaries and ministries in eastern and central Africa. Mike is a pilot with AIM Air and Ana works with education and media. Visite their website at thepalmiters.com