First Congregational Church
305 N. Camburn
PO Box 926
Stanton, MI   48888
Ph. 989-831-5240

Love for Truth  *  Passion for Righteousness  *  Enthusiasm for Service




       Provide a community where students can grow to

                      understand and embrace

            the biblical truth of the Gospel.


   If God grants success to our ministry, students will:

      -   Resist the alluring lies of this world and follow the One True

             God who created everything;

      -   Love Him with all their hearts, souls, minds & strength;

      -   Be filled with the Holy Spirit and rely on Him for strength and


      -   Know Jesus personally by walking in faith, growing in the        

             knowledge of the Bible, and prayerfully trusting God

             through the challenges of life;

      -   Hold unswervingly to their faith throughout their adult lives.





Our prayer for our students:


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